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About Nocturnal Gaming

Nocturnal Gaming was founded by a group of friends who have loved gaming since we were young. Some of our most fond memories are sitting back and playing Halo 2 online all through the night, when we probably should have been sleeping!

Nocturnal Gaming is a friendly gaming community maintained and fed by three Bros. Originally created as a way to stay in touch and organize gaming sessions, helping us balance our real world responsibilities and our gaming passion. It has Evolved into a gaming news and review style website.

We love anything that can make us laugh and immerse us in amazing worlds. gaming has kept us together as friends.

We welcome anyone that’s friendly and puts fun & passion in their gaming above winning or competing. In our minds gaming is not just about beating the game but enjoying the journey with friends.


Our Goal

Nocturnal gaming was built as a way for gamers to meet other like-minded gamers that have actual lives, without the “hardcore” aspect found in most gaming communities. In our searching there seems to be this influx of unapproachable clan or single game communities that have strict rules or are just plain douchey. We are trying to build a place for meeting gamers that like to have fun and want to make the most of their precious gaming time.

Our aim is to incorporate let’s play series of our shenanigans on youtube. And eventually do live streams. We may fail miserably, but in the end our main motto is to enjoy the journey.