The Evolution of Rocket League Players

Rocket league
After 160 Hours in and having played Rocket league religiously every Friday night with my childhood friend and teammate Phoenix. I’ve decided to write a little report on our evolution as rocket league gamers.
 Stage 1: Yay I hit the ball!
  At first just learning wer way around collecting boost and hitting the ball in the right direction is an accomplishment. We celebrate every goal saved with by simply being in the way. And cheer over everygaol scored b accident.
Stage 2: 10hrs in. Ok I think I’ve worked out this jumping thing.
We begin to feel comfortable with the ball and how the game physics work. We begin to realize a good defense is as good as a good offence. And collecting boost can be the difference between saving a goal or scoring one.
Stage 3: 30hrs in Lets play ranked.
Losing is no longer fun. We want to beat other players with our team work and skills we’ve been honing. Upon entering the ranked arena we are humbled that there is yet another level of skill needed to compete. Our old fashioned hit the ball down the field and hope it goes in tactics are not going to cut it here.   What was a very ground based game has suddenly become a game heights and wall bounces. Our opposition is flying through the air and scoring. “how are we going to ever save these goals” we wonder.  
Stage 5: 50 hours in. If think we got this.
  After practicing in the practice stadium with boost jumping. We think we might understand how these other players where able to fly though the air this such grace. In Ranked we begin to challenge other players in mid air battles for control of a round digital ball like our lives depended on it.  
STAGE 6: 100 hours in “Ok Lets keep up the communication and work on team work”
  As team mates we have acceded to a level of skill where our ball control confidence is on point. We no longer think about what we need to do with the ball and instead are thinking. “where is my buddy? If I pass this will he get to it in time.”


It was at this point as teames we begun discussing how much this was like real soccer games we used to play together as children. Those early Saturday mornings, freezing cold running round a field trying to outwit the other team. Things like “though balls” & “Crosses” are now calls being shouted at each other through our headsets. The occasional panicked “drop,drop drop!” is yelled to get back on defense. The Ranked games your are playing now. Are not won by individuals but TEAMS. How well you play is no longer about personal skill, but how well you work together and communicate with your team mate.
RocketLEagueHoops copy
STAGE 7: 120 Hours in. “What’s this hoops playlist”
At about 130 hours we had almost stopped playing rocket league. It had been about a year since we started. We thought we had peaked or plateaued in our skill level. We found our selves stuck on the fringe of going up and rank then dropping a rank every game. Then came HOOPS. A new smaller map arrived with a basketball court. Scoring was no longer about rolling a ball into a net. Now we had to bounce it in. Arial Skill was now a must. And the smaller court meant the action was faster passed. Being in control of the ball became more important because at any second the opposition could tap the ball in the hoop with one simple well timed hit. Playing this playlist Improved our Arial skill immensely, but it also taught us one important lesson. If the opposing team did not have the ball they could not score. Ball Control became key. Resulting in us passing more confidently but also teaching us that the smallest defensive tap of the ball could mean the difference between the opposition scoring or us capitalizing.
Stage 8: 160 hours in “Lets do this”
After spending a lot of time in the Hoops playlist we returned to Ranked Soccer. we instantly saw our improvement. Our confidence level was High we no longer panicked if the opposing team was looking to make a run down the line. We new that we could disable there attack and capitalize on their over commitment in one simple strike. Our team work communication and confidence had improved so much that we no longer questioned if our team mate would be in the right position we just new. Our team tactics changed from what used to be “Bet them with aggression” to “Lets be patent and capitalize on their mistakes”. At this stage we are now ascending through the ranks with ease and every match is no longer a battle against an enemy but a battle against ourselves. It is our discipline as a team that decided who wins or loses. Not the skill of the opposition. Moral of the storey. PLAY HOOPS = GET GOOD. 7iger \\ Save Save Save Save[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] Save Save Save Save Save[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row] smk_sidebar="sr453_187jjz"
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